• 08 – 10 October 2024
  • Exhib. Centre Düsseldorf

ALUMINIUM Business Summit

Shaping a new industrial era

12th - 13th September 2023
Altes Stahlwerk, Düsseldorf


The most important meeting place of the year for the entire aluminum industry. With the new format, ALUMINIUM, Aluminium Deutschland and the CRU Group are pulling together to accompany the industry in constructively tackling the biggest challenges: the future of mobility, digitalization, sustainability and the future rules of the international market. The two-day hybrid congress format brings experts together live and digitally to exchange ideas and, in addition to market insights, finally creates a setting for a long-awaited personal reunion once again.


We look forward to welcoming you to Düsseldorf at the Location "Altes Stahlwerk" on 12th and 13th of September!

The organizers

The Main Sponsor

Austin AI Europe

Austin AI Europe is the European representative of the American company, Austin AI.

With the increasing importance of the use of specifically recycled Aluminium and other specialty alloys an increasing need prevails for high speed, high capacity but very precise automated sorting systems. Austin AI expertise on applied spectroscopy in automation technologies ensured a unique opportunity for the company to develop their latest model, the LIBS based, spectroscopy technique for sensor-sorting of light and other metal scrap fractions.

In 2020, Austin AI opened the European Office in Budapest. Beyond sales and service obligations the European office also acts as LIBS demo and test center.

Austin AI Europe

Helsinki út 128

1238 Budapest


Phone: +36 309 545 146

Email: info@austinai-eu.com

Website: www.austinai-eu.com

Sessions Business Summit


What will the powertrain of the future look like? What will the individual mobility of tomorrow look like? And where exactly do the opportunities and limits of aluminum lie from the perspective of the automotive and aviation industries?


Aluminum plays its trump card in the closed recycling loop. But is the material really already the perfect solution today? Experts still see an urgent need for action. 


The future belongs to the alliance of man and machine. However, there are many paths to the industry of tomorrow. The Summit offers interesting travel reports.


New markets and new players: top analysts at the Summit provide insight into the most important market changes and the most successful business models you should know about.

The Location

Modernity meets classic industrial architecture: The “Altes Stahlwerk” in the tradition-rich industrial area of Düsseldorf-Lierenfeld is one of the most exciting event locations in the region. The former Mannesmann residence scores with state-of-the-art technology, but at the same time has retained its industrial charm. In addition to the modern, spacious congress area, a cozy lounge area awaits visitors – as if made for networking. And the spacious, sand-covered beach club in the outdoor area invites you to chill out afterwards.

 "Altes Stahlwerk" - Ronsdorferstrasse 134 - 40233 Düsseldorf, Germany

The big questions for the future of our industry can only be tackled together in a personal exchange. But that has not been possible for quite time. The ALUMINIUM Business Summit offers a first opportunity to get back into dialog, across the entire value chain.

Marius Baader
Managing Director Aluminium Deutschland e.V.

CRU's participation in the ALUMINIUM Business Summit will help to develop a better understanding of how current changes will affect market dynamics around the world in the coming years.

Dominic Halahan
Portfolio Director CRU Group

Aluminium is one of the most important materials in Europe's transition to a carbon-neutral and circular economy. However, our contribution to climate protection and sustainability is always influenced by political framework conditions. Therefore, it is extremely important that we discuss these pressing industry issues in an interactive exchange during the ALUMINIUM Business Summit.

Dr. Gerd Götz
Director General European Aluminium

Our Speakers

Networking Barbecue

Culinary dishes on the grill, good conversation with colleagues and a great time included: We end the day with a first-class barbecue. Enjoy our joint barbecue evening - in good weather on the "Beach" of the Location "Altes Stahlwerk".


The host of this " Networking Barbecue " is Hammerer Aluminium Industries.

Companies and Products

Find out about companies, products and services here and get in touch directly!

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The Moderator

Emily Whigham has worked for 25 years as a journalist and host for various TV stations, in the event sector, at trade fairs and for large companies. The US-American became well-known with entertainment formats such as NBC GIGA, Viva, AppsNight and CNN Germany. In recent years, her focus and the focus of her clients has shifted more and more, and so she deals professionally, as well as privately, with the topics of sustainability, innovations, fair trade, women in the business world, culture and the promotion of young talent.

Emily Whigham

Our Sponsors


STEINERT provides sorting systems, which keep increasingly scarce resources in circulation. In the areas of secondary and primary raw materials, STEINERT operates in the resource recovery and mining sector. The metal recycling division supplies sorting systems for the separation and cleaning of aluminum.


Widdersdorfer Str. 329-331

50886 Köln


Phone +49 221 4984-0

Fax +49 221 4984-223

Email: metalrecycling@steinert.de

Website: www.steinert.de


As a technology leader, TOMRA Recycling continues to be pioneer in sensor-based sorting in the waste and metal recycling industries. With over 7,400 units installed in more than 100 countries, our expertise and superior service allow us to deliver high-performance sorting and analytical solutions to our customers in a broad range of applications.

TOMRA Sorting GmbH

Otto-Hahn-Straße 2-6
56218 Mülheim-Kärlich

Phone +49 2630 9652 0

Fax +49 800 58 94 315 309

Email: recycling-sorting@tomra.com

Website: www.tomra.com/recycling

Host BBQ Dinner

Hammerer Aluminium Industries employs 1,800 people. It was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Ranshofen in Upper Austria as well as seven further locations. For 2021 HAI forecasts a turnover of around 570 million euros.  HAI Group produces for the construction sector, automotive, transport, electrical engineering als well as mechanical and plant engineering.

Hammerer Aluminium Industries Holding GmbH

Lamprechtshausener Straße 69
5282 Ranshofen

Phone: +43 7722 891-0

Email: office@hai-aluminium.com       

Website: www.hai-aluminium.com           

Corporate Presence

A.t.i.e.Uno develops innovative software solutions with the mission to promote digitalization for the aluminium extrusion sector to increase quality, productivity and sustainability. A.t.i.e.Uno is happy to share the unique know-how, developed through 40 years of experience and continuous investment in R&D, in order to empower the automation and optimisation of production processes.

A.t.i.e. Uno Informatica S.r.l

Via Macon, 30

23900 Lecco (LC)


Phone: +39 0341 210 444

Email:  marcelo.aiello@atieuno.com

Website: www.atieuno.de


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Then please let us have a look at what added value the ALUMINIUM Business Summit 2021 can offer you without any obligation.

Manuela Zschocke 

Senior Sales Manager
T: +49 211 90191-309