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13 October 2012

Winners of the EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM AWARD 2012 demonstrate innovative capacity of the sector

From the designer creditcard holder, via solar roofing for train platforms, coal domes in Italy and the Belfast TITANIC Museum façade to the Range Rover subframe and parts for for the Mercedes SL - the EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM AWARD 2012 has demonstrated how innovative and efficient the use of aluminium can be. In the framework of the International Trade Fair ALUMINIUM 2012 in Düsseldorf, on 9 October, the sector prize was awarded for the eight time, for creative solutions.

For the EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM AWARD 2012 - Industrial Design & Engineering 63 entries from 12 different countries were received. The jury has selected 13 prize winners by unanimous decision.

Category Consumer products - Design

Company: Secrid
Country: Netherlands
Product Name: Secrid miniwallet

The content of wallets has changed revolutionary from papers and coins into cards with computer chips and antenna's. This has increased not only functionality, but also the risks. Consumers need new wallets that protect their cards against failure and against hackers. The current leather wallets don't offer this protection. In watch industry it's standard to use a mix of metal and leather. In wallet industry this is seen as a revolution. Secrid miniwallets offer more than protection: also extremely good ergonomics (especially for elder people with artrose / artritis) and a tiny size. Last but not least these are 100% made in the Netherlands. We export to Japan, Korea and within short also to China.

From the Jury:
"Smart, functional and stylish use of aluminium is being combined in this minimalistic design. Storage and retrieval of the cards is smart and easy. The design also allows for tailor made upgrading like leather pouches." More info:

Category Consumer products - innovation

Company: Zollern Aluminium Feinguß
Country: Germany
Product Name: BMW Superbike rear swing arm

This rear swing arm is a rapid prototyping investment casting. Switch from a milled and bonded production into a rapid prototyping with lost wax casting process according to the SOPHIA process. Reduction of weigth, lead times and costs. Higher rigidity by a weight loss of about 20%.

From the Jury:
"In competitive sports the need for high reliability and rapid development is paramount, yet expensive. This solution is proof to the Jury that both weight and cost reduction can be combined with the necessary reliability and performance specs while choosing aluminium as lightweight material. A successful combination of process and material."
More info:

Category industrial products - AUTOMOTIVE & TRANSPORT

Company: Ophardt R+D
Country: Germany
Product Name: OP-SHIPP Module

Each OP-SHIPP Module (Series Hull Integrated Precision Platform) is a precision engineered and manufactured aluminium ship-base, designed to accommodate superstructures that are custom made by boat builders. The hulls, which are of superior safety and performance, are purchased off-the-shelf at a competitive price.

From the Jury
"The Jury lauds the innovative solution to build multiple ships on a single platform, showing that aluminium is a flexible and sturdy basis for a wide range of vessel types. It permits the builder to simplify and standardize the process of production yet gives the user the opportunity to choose from a wide range of custom built solutions."
More info:

Category industrial products - Building & Construction

Company: Mero Italiana
Country: Italy
Product Name: 2 aluminium coal domes

Two twin aluminium domes used for coal storage have been built near Civitavecchia (Italy). They are two reticular space structures shaped as geodetical domes, width 144 m diameter and 50 m high , made of aluminium alloy tubes and stainless spherical nodes, according to the MERO system. Finished early 2010 the two domes are the largest built in Europe. This challenging application demonstrated once again that aluminium alloys are excellent structural meterials with a strength-to-weight ratio more than twice the one of steel and in addtition the good corrosion resistance allows avoiding any protective coating. Non negligible economical advantages have been obtained for the structure itself, the foundation dimensions and, last but not least, the maintenance cost. The two aluminium domes represent a clear example in which this aluminium solution can be competitive versus a steel one.

From the Jury:

"The Jury was admiring the overall quality of the structure, which shows that aluminium is a preferable choice for such large constructions. This dome is both an innovative, environmentally friendly and aesthetic solution for coal storage."
More info:

Category industrial products - MACHINERY & ELECTRONICS

Company: Sapa Building System
Country: Benelux
Product Name: Solar roofing Utrecht CS platforms

A gently-curved roof construction with a Radius of 25570 mm., for platforms at train stations and suchlike.
- Principles underlying the selected solution:
- Minimum surface treatment costs
- Minimum production costs
- Minimum assembly costs
- Maximum water proofing
- Minimum maintenance costs
- PV cables in dry level via cable duct for guides.

From the Jury:
"The Jury values the optimal use of all advantages that aluminium delivers, particularly smart design, lightweight, integration with other technologies and aesthetic value. A large scale project that sends a message aluminium and energy conservation through the use of solar power are a successful team."
More info:

Category Industrial Products - Production Techniques

Company: Pyrotek
Country: USA
Product Name: Automatic Heated Launder

The ultimate goal for any company is to transfer molten aluminium with a minimum change of temperature whilst providing reliable and repeatable casting performance. The Automatic Heated Launder system is ideally suited to continuous sheet casting of aluminium alloys. The technology employs an efficient and reliable heating source.
The technology is very well suited for the casting of Al-Li alloys as the indirect heating provided by the system allows the manufacturing company to lower furnace temperatures and as a net result reduce significantly dross generation from this very reactive alloy.

From the Jury:
"The Jury is impressed by the innovative way to optimize the casting process with this simple yet clever solution. This development addresses a well known issue in casting in a way that guarantees both performance and reliability."
More info:


Company: Tijs Horn (26)
Country: Netherlands
Product Name: Ecological Friendly Monitor Arm

The Ecological Friendly Monitor Arm was designed from the ground up, not only to be one of the most ecologically friendly monitor arms in the market to date, but also incorporating new, never before used techniques in a monitor arm. Allowing the arm to be easily recyclable with a minimum of parts. The arm is taken into production by Dataflex under the product name ViewLite Plus. A monitor arm has many advantages, ergonomic as well as aesthetic and practical. A monitor arm creates an enormous amount of space on your desk, because the large Footprint of the monitor disappears. The screen is in fact floating above your work surface. A monitor arm also has a much greater height range than a standard base. When you have a good arm you cannot only adapt its height but also its depth, which means that you can adapt your workplace to you, instead of the other way around. Your flat screen floats in the air by an invisible mechanism hidden in the hinges, leaving room to hide the screens cables in the die-cast aluminium parallel arm.

From the Jury:
"Tijs Horn has developed a modern utility optimizing the design by using the unique properties of aluminium; minimizing the need for components, improving the recycling performance of the product as well. Producer Dataflex realised a perfect end-product. "
More info:

Winner of the JURY AWARDS

Category Industrial Products - Building & Construction

Company: EDM Spanwall & Novelis
Country: N-Ireland & Switzerland
Product Name: TITANIC Museum Belfast - aluminium façade panels

The Titanic Belfast is the world's largest Titanic attraction and currently Northern Ireland's most significant tourism project. Its stunning design, inspired by ships' hulls, glistens above the dark water of the Belfast Lough. Entirely covered in geometrically complex anodised aluminium J57S panels, this is a strikingly-innovative use of aluminium that has resonated around the globe and been covered extensively in consumer media as well as architectural, construction and aluminium industry publications. This high-profile and exciting use of aluminium has stimulated the enthusiasm and interest in the architectural potential of our metal. Titanic Belfast was completed in early 2012, just in time for the centenary of the Titanic's maiden voyage.

From the Jury:
"The Jury is impressed by both the design and the solution provided by choosing aluminium panels. The choice of aluminium and the way the elements are pieced together delivers a diamond look, making this Belfast building a landmark and a standing promotional display for aluminium."
More info:

4 SPECIAL Prizes

• SPECIAL PRIZE ROLLING: Three-piece Tailored Welded Blank for Mercedes SL, Novelis (CH)
• SPECIAL PRIZE CASTING: Range Rover Rear Subframe for Land Rover, Martinrea Honsel (D)
• SPECIAL PRIZE EXTRUSION: CANYON - Aluminium Design Radiator, VASCO (B)
• SPECIAL PRIZE SURFACE TREATMENT: Anti-graffiti aluminum surface - Clearky 105, Novelis (CH)

1 Honourable Mention

• Category INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS - Automotive & Transport Ultra-light Aircargo Hook, Euralco, (NL)


The bi-annual EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM AWARD Industrial Design & Engineering is an initiative of the Dutch Aluminium Centre in co-operation with the European Aluminium Association (EAA), Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie (GDA) and ALUMINIUM 2012 World Trade Fair and Conference. Partner Associations IAI, AluCenter Belgium, Alu Danmark and Svenkst Aluminium are supporting the competition. Mainsponsors are Alcoa and Aleris. Aluminium Kurier is the Exclusive Media sponsor.

The 2012 EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM AWARD Industrial Design & Engineering shall be awarded to products in which aluminium is applied in a useful and innovative manner.

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