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28 – 30 September 2021
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Final Report: ALUMINIUM continues to head for growth - Visitors from 123 nations came to Düsseldorf

11 October 2018
ALUMINIUM 2018 Abschlussbericht |

Düsseldorf. “Despite” was a phrase that came up in nearly all conversations at this year’s ALUMINIUM. Despite current trade disputes, such as punitive US tariffs, sanctions against Russia and various bottlenecks in the supply of raw materials, global production and demand are still continuing to grow throughout the world. This was clearly emphasised by ALUMINIUM 2018, which was bigger and more international than ever before.

“ALUMINIUM is a trade fair for light metal, but a heavyweight in its global significance for the industry. This is particularly true at a time when there are irritations and when some parts of various markets are realigning themselves, as it’s also a time when trade fairs can play a crucial role in providing orientation for global trade,” says Hans-Joachim Erbel, CEO of Reed Exhibitions Germany, the organisers of ALUMINIUM.

This explains why the number of visitors has remained so robust – despite the current challenges and obstacles in international trade. “It’s where the world comes together, and no one wants to miss out,” says Hans-Joachim Erbel. In fact, all industry representatives fundamentally agree that the current aluminium rush will continue to gain momentum.

In total, the organisers reported 24,148 trade visitors (previous year: 24,373). The result of this year’s ALUMINIUM is therefore very close to the record achieved at the previous event.

Ongoing rise in internationalism

Whether they came from South Africa, the United States, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand or of course Europe, the visitors from 123 nations (previous event: 108) turned the trade fair into a “United Nations of ALUMINIUM”. At nearly 20 per cent, the number of overseas visitors who came to Düsseldorf was particularly remarkable. It meant that the overall level of internationalism had risen from 58 to 63 per cent.

Global heavyweight in light metal

“It’s a yardstick for the quality and worldwide relevance of ALUMINIUM and it’s something that reflects developments in the international markets,” says Olaf Freier, Event Director of ALUMINIUM at the end of the three-day event. In this way ALUMINIUM underlines its function as a global trading platform.

The same picture emerges for exhibitors. The trade fair has now reached the point where over two thirds of exhibitors – 664 businesses in all – come from outside Germany, amounting to a 4-per-cent increase since the previous event.

In total, this year’s world trade fair of the aluminium industry featured 971 exhibitors. 54 nations were represented, headed by Germany (307), then Italy as the second biggest exhibiting nation (118), and then China (103), Turkey (64), Spain (32), Austria and Spain (both 32), the United States (29), the Netherlands (25), France and the UK (both 23 exhibitors) and Canada (19).

Dynamic development of demand on a global scale

The material of the future is facing a future that will be greater than its past. “The long-term global trend is highly positive for primary aluminium. According to forecasts, demand should reach 50 per cent by 2050 and up to 108 million tonnes. The fastest growth can be observed in Asia, although Europe is currently the second biggest market for primary aluminium and is likely to continue in that position until at least 2050. Our estimates show that around 9 million tonnes of primary aluminium will be needed over the next few decades,” says Dr. Gerd Götz, Director General of the industry association European Aluminium.

The forecast matches the findings of a representative industry survey that was conducted at ALUMINIUM by an independent market research company. It showed that 69 per cent of the 600 businesses who were asked are expecting either a substantial or slight increase in economic developments over the next four years. Only six per cent of businesses believe that there will be a slight downturn. The rest are expecting at least a constant level of business development.

“Electric mobility, digitisation, sustainability and additive manufacturing – those are just some of the megatrends that will eventually give the aluminium industry another boost,” says Christian Wellner, Executive Member of the Managing Board of GDA, the German Aluminium Industry Association. He believes that Germany’s aluminium industry is well prepared for such challenges: “We’re the ones who (help to) develop the products and solutions for tomorrow,” says Christian Wellner at the end of ALUMINIUM.

The next ALUMINIUM, the 13th Aluminium World Trade Fair and Convention, will be held in Düsseldorf from 6 to 8 October 2020.    

Please note: The numbers of visitors and exhibitors and the exhibition space figures have been identified and certified under the standard definitions provided by FKM, the German Society for Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics.   



“ALUMINIUM is a trade fair for light metal, but a heavyweight in its global significance for the industry. This is particularly true at a time when there are irritations and when some parts of various markets are realigning themselves, as it’s also a time when trade fairs can play a crucial role in providing orientation for global trade.”

Hans-Joachim Erbel, CEO of Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH, organisers of ALUMINIUM.


“The 63-per-cent level of internationalism is a quality yardstick for the global relevance of ALUMINIUM, reflecting the developments of international markets.”

Olaf Freier, Event Director of ALUMINIUM


“In mobility, construction and packaging, the increase between 2017 and 2050 will be 55, 28 and 25 per cent, respectively. These percentages speak a very clear language, showing that aluminium is definitely the material of the future.”

Dr. Gerd Götz, Director General, European Aluminium


“Electric mobility, digitisation, sustainability and additive manufacturing – those are just some of the megatrends that will eventually give the aluminium industry another boost.”

Christian Wellner, Managing Member of the Executive Board of GDA, the German Aluminium Industry Association


“Aluminium is greatly in demand, particularly in e-mobility. In so many instances there is virtually no alternative to aluminium as a material. So e-mobility is opening up growth prospects for the entire aluminium industry. For instance, we are the European market leaders when it comes to battery cooling elements. As regards the outcome of the trade fair, we can say that all key accounts were present, particularly from the automotive industry. Meetings took place at the level of decision-makers and were of a consistently high standard.”

Frank Busenbecker, Managing Director of Erbslöh Aluminium GmbH


“As we see it, ALUMINIUM 2018 was highly successful, and this was reflected in the good atmosphere that we saw at our many meetings with customers. I reckon it was partly due to ‘digitisation’ as a focal point of the trade fair. The exhibits we had at our stand demonstrated that this is not just a matter of theory or vision for us. We are particularly pleased when this is confirmed by our customers and when they endorse our strong position in this area.”

Michael Schäfer, Senior Vice President and Head of Aluminium Business, SMS group GmbH


“ALUMINIUM is a leading trade fair for us – with great trade visitors from Europe, the Middle East and the United States. The quality of meetings at the trade fair was much higher than before. One aspect that is receiving increasing attention in the aluminium industry is safety. And the trade fair is a good marketplace for finding new customers.”

Joerg Bodin, Export Sales Manager, JUTEC Hitzeschutz und Isoliertechnik GmbH


“We had the whole world visiting us. We are continuing to see good growth opportunities for the aluminium industry in the future. In particular, I can see good development opportunities in the aviation and automotive industries. We believe there will be major potential in North America.”

Heiko Graf, Geschäftsführer, Graf Technik GmbH


“It’s three days, very intense, and offers the opportunity to meet a lot of people and achieve a great many things. Aluminium is going to gain importance in the future, e.g. in the automotive industries and various others. In my opinion, the future is bright.”

Dr. Huysein Yorucu, Executive Director, Alcomet AD


“ALUMINIUM has been the most important trade fair for us for several years now. This is also reflected in the number of exhibitors, as the trade fair is getting bigger and bigger: Being here is a must. Our company, AMAG, sees it as an excellent environment to present our products in the market.”

Leopold Pöcksteiner, Manager of the Strategy, Communication and Marketing Division, AMAG Austria Metall AG


“Every aluminium production company is facing similar challenges There is a trade war at the moment, but we at Assan Alüminyum see it as a short term development which is not going to affect our long term investment plans because we believe in the future of the industry. ALUMINIUM is our most important event our expectation here is to meet our existing customers here because we value long term relationships and develop our relations further.”

Derin Akersoy, Unit Manager, Marketing, Assan Alüminyum Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.


“We feel very privileged to be join the show. This is a great Mekka for exchanging new ideas and innovations and Pryotek likes to be part of it. Our customers and everybody here is talking about how to get more productivity. Metal prices are pretty good right now and everybody is trying to go to a 120 percent capacity. We are focused on how to get more uptime, how to get more productivity out of our equipment, out of our products, how we get more life, less scrap – that seems to be all anybody wants to talk about.”

Don Z. Ting, President and COO, Pyrotek Inc.


"A big part of our success is definitely due to being an exhibitor at all of the ALUMINIUM Exhibitions for the last 20 years worldwide. These exhibitions have a huge impact on our business and offer valuable opportunities for interaction with a wide range of the aluminum industry. It’s the ideal place to get to know the needs of potential customers and advance relationships with our existing customers. Long standing traditions like the ALUMINIUM Exhibition strengthen not only the industry, but more importantly, the relationships between supplier and customer.”

Alexander Daniker, CEO ASCONA GmbH



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