ALUMINIUM 2021 The World's Leading Trade Fair for
Aluminium and its Application Industries
28 – 30 September 2021
Exhibition Center Düsseldorf

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Premiere on 18 May 2021: The "ALUMINIUM Digital Talk

The transformation of the automotive industry and the megatrend sustainability are currently driving the aluminium industry. What are the prospects for the material? How safe is the vehicle production in Europe? And can aluminium meet the expectations in terms of sustainability?

The ALUMINIUM Digital Talk will bring together selected international experts on 18 May 2021 - for live keynotes, discussion rounds and interviews - and venture a look into the future of the aluminium industry.

The ALUMINIUM Digital Talk will be streamed live from the loft “Sturmfreie Bude” in Düsseldorf via the "Zoom" platform.

Participation is free of charge at the premiere.

Register here free of charge

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Tuesday, 18.05.2021

ALUMINIUM Digital Talk » Session 1: Autonomous, shared, electric? Transformation of the car sector and aluminium's perspectives (language: English)
10:00 - 10:15

Keynote (Hélène Wagnies – DUCKER Research & Consulting)

"Is lightweighting still of relevance for battery electric vehicles, and what could be game-changers in the long-term electrification trends?"

Mrs. Hélène Wagnies Save appointment

10:15 - 11:30

Panel discussion - Autonomous, shared, electric? Transformation of the car sector and aluminium's perspectives

The first session starts in the morning and is dedicated specifically to the current changes in the global automotive industry. Under the title "Autonomous, shared, electric? Transformation of the car sector and aluminium's perspectives", Hélène Wagnies (DUCKER Research & Consulting)), Dr. Manuel Kallweit (German Association of the Automotive Industry), Marius Baader (GDA) and Patrik Ragnarsson (European Aluminium) will be among the speakers.

Mrs. Emily Whigham, Mrs. Hélène Wagnies, Mr. Dr. Manuel Kallweit, Mr. Marius Baader, Mr. Patrik Ragnarsson Save appointment

ALUMINIUM Digital Talk » Session 2: Circular Economy and Aluminium: Best practice for the European Green Deal? (language: English))
15:00 - 15:15

Keynote (Eoin Dinsmore – CRU Group)

"Low-carbon primary aluminium and recycling, understanding the three key drivers: Legislation, consumer preferences and profitability"

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15:15 - 16:30

Panel discussion - Circular Economy and Aluminium: Best practice for the European Green Deal?

On the topic of sustainability in the afternoon, Eoin Dinsmore (CRU Group), Dr Carsten Gerhardt (Circular Valley) and Leopold Werdich (Tubex), among others, will discuss the future significance of aluminium and pursue the question: "Circular economy and aluminium: Best practice for the European green deal?"

Mrs. Emily Whigham, Mr. Dr. Carsten Gerhardt, Mr. Eoin Dinsmore, Mr. Guido Aufdemkamp, Mr. Leopold Werdich Save appointment

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Digital Talk - Speaker One

Dr. Manuel Kallweit - VDA

Digital Talk - Speaker Two

Dr. Carsten Gerhardt - Circular Valley

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Eoin Dinsmore - CRU

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Guido Aufdemkamp - EAFA

Digital Talk - Speaker Five

Hélène Wagnies - DUCKER Research & Consulting

Digital Talk - Speaker Six

Leopold Werdich - Tubex

Digital Talk - Speaker Seven

Patrik Ragnarsson - European Aluminium

Digital Talk - Speaker Eight

Marius Baader - GDA

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Emily Whigham - Moderation

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