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ALUMINIUM Business Summit

Shaping a New Industrial Era

Sharing a common language, sharing a mission

07th - 08th November 2023
STAHLWERK Düsseldorf

ALUMINIUM Business Summit 2023

After its premiere in 2021, this year's ALUMINIUM Business Summit will be cast in a new form; a new concept with which we leave the classy aluminium bubble. Together, we want to take a look at the problems of the industry in a different light, we want to form comprehensive approaches and solutions together, we want to form a common language and to strengthen the position of aluminium in the world.


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Program ALUMINIUM Business Summit

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Day 1: Aluminium - A customer perspective

Customer and supplier perspectives and challenges, decarbonising the supply chain footprint as a broader hurdle, Circular Valley.

What are the main hurdles? What has already been achieved? What do we (AI) need to deliver in the next years?


Day 2: Aluminium - Transformation & technologies in practice

Taking a look on the transformation and technologies of the industry in practice!
What are the next steps for the whole industry, what do we all need to do in order to fulfil the green transition, which technologies do we need, what role does AI play?

Summit Night

A great place of chatting and networking while enjoying some drinks, traditional German “Glühwein”, a good BBQ and Live-cooking

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A common language for the future

The ALUMINIUM Business Summit will be an outstanding event. We will bring not just aluminium industry itself, but key decision makers from the entire value chain. From the energy sector, the automotive and packaging industry and from building and construction. We will discuss, on and off the stage, with representatives from NGOs and policy makers. The summit promises valuable insights from top-level executives, new perspectives and great chances to expand your network. See you in Düsseldorf in November!

Marius Baader
Managing Director Aluminium Deutschland

I am looking forward to attending the ALUMINIUM Business Summit again this year. With the emphasis on strengthening the position of aluminium in the world, it is a transformative opportunity for industry players. Attending this Summit is more than just an investment; it's an indispensable commitment to shaping the future of the aluminium sector. Through networking with peers and engaging with senior-level executives, we are provided with the opportunity to gain invaluable insights, forge strategic alliances, and exchange ideas that will drive our sector forward. Together, we can pave the way for a sustainable, innovative, and resilient aluminium industry that will leave a lasting impact on the global stage.

Nadine Bloxsome
Membership & Sustainability Manager, UK Aluminium Federation (ALFED) & Editor of Aluminium International Today

The ALUMINIUM Business Summit brings together industry leaders, policy makers, and customers to think beyond conventional boundaries and collaborate on solutions to tackle today's pressing challenges like decarbonisation and the energy crisis. This summit is a testament to the power of collaboration, where diverse perspectives converge to chart the course for a sustainable and prosperous future of our industry in Europe.

Paul Voss
Director General, European Aluminium

The ambitious goals of Europe's energy transition can only be achieved through a significant increase in raw material capacities like aluminium. This requires quick action by the industry through targeted specialists - training, massive investments, and sustainable innovations.

Bernd Schäfer
CEO , Managing Director EIT RawMaterials

To address the huge challenges related to decarbonisation and circularity, a strong collaboration of all the players along the value chain is definitely needed. Additionally, cross-sectoral collaboration is also essential to boost industrial-urban symbiosis and reach full circularity. The Innovation Hub of European Aluminium acts as a key enabler addressing the key technological challenges to facilitate such a transition for the aluminium sector in Europe.

Christian Leroy
Director of Innovation at European Aluminium

Industry associations are a good example of what I call ‘collaborative competitiveness’ - where natural competitors work together to ensure sustainability of the complex economic, social and environmental ‘playing field’ in which they compete. AI is leading the way in managing the complexity of changes in this playing field by ensuring competition and incentive work to support sustainable and prosperous societies, economies, and environments.

Prof. Dr. Wolf Ketter
Chaired Professor of Information Systems for a Sustainable Society at the University of Cologne

Topics Business Summit

The main focus is on the topics that are of most concern to the industry.


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The Moderator

Emily Whigham has worked for 25 years as a journalist and host for various TV stations, in the event sector, at trade fairs and for large companies. The US-American became well-known with entertainment formats such as NBC GIGA, Viva, AppsNight and CNN Germany. In recent years, her focus and the focus of her clients has shifted more and more, and so she deals professionally, as well as privately, with the topics of sustainability, innovations, fair trade, women in the business world, culture and the promotion of young talent.

Emily Whigham

This was the Business Summit 2021

The venue

STAHLWERK Düsseldorf


Modernity meets classic industrial architecture: The STAHLWERK in the tradition-rich industrial area of Düsseldorf-Lierenfeld is one of the most exciting event locations in the region. The former Mannesmann residence scores with state-of-the-art technology, but at the same time has retained its industrial charm. In addition to the modern, spacious congress area, a cozy lounge area awaits visitors – as if made for networking. 

Venue address: Ronsdorfer Str. 134, 40233 Düsseldorf, Germany

Arrival and opening hours

Business Summit 2023

7th - 8th November 2023

STAHLWERK Düsseldorf

Ronsdorferstrasse 134

D-40233 Düsseldorf


Opening hours:
Tue: 9 am - 6 pm
Wed: 9 am - 4 pm