• 08 – 10 October 2024
  • Exhib. Centre Düsseldorf

Women With Metal - the ALUMINIUM Awards

Support and visibility for all the women in the industry

„ALUMINIUM is not just a platform for the entire aluminium industry, it is a place for the world and a place for everyone: We include, we don't exclude, which is why we also want to provide more support and visibility for women in the industry and thus created the 'Women With Metal – ALUMINIUM Awards' together with our partners,“ proudly announces Yasmin Ouiriemmi, Product Manager of ALUMINIUM at the organiser RX.

Women can do aluminium, too!

Women are still underrepresented in the aluminium industry and often receive less visibility, support or even recognition. Under the motto "Women can do aluminium, too", the awards are meant to help promote equality and diversity in the aluminium industry, recognise outstanding achievements by women and to strengthen their position in the sector. But they will also recognise the commitment of male colleagues who have been proven as strong allies by providing extraordinary support to their female colleagues.

The nominations are open, offering a comprehensive selection of categories with awards for 'Unsung Shero', 'Role Model', 'Sustainable & Innovative Leader', 'Young Leader' and 'Male Ally', highlighting the diverse aspects of the achievements and commitment of women and their supporters in the aluminium industry.

The award ceremony will be held in partnership with Women With Metal, the UK Aluminium Federation (ALFED) and Aluminium International Today and will take place on the second day of ALUMINIUM World Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, 9 October, on the ALUMINIUM Conference stage in Hall 3.

The Organizers


Award Categories

Role Model – the ultimate archetype

She always leads by example, shines with professionalism and expertise, contributes creative and innovative ideas, shows commitment and full support for her colleagues and also stands up for the things that are important to her at work but also outside of work. Her professional career can certainly boast some very special honours, but she is still down-to-earth, honest and authentic. This woman is the best example of what women can achieve in the industry, and she has a radiance that inspires the entire sector – a real role model!

Young Leader – the dynamic power women 

She is young, dynamic and full of energy: this woman is extremely committed and proves to be a particularly active force in the company. What she does, she does with passion and ambition, full of drive she pursues a vision and has ambitious goals with her team. She likes to pursue or develop unusual ideas and creative approaches, has outstanding communication skills and an inspiring innovative spirit. She is courageous, open and flexible, she is not afraid to break new ground and take risks – and she is full of power!

Sustainable & Innovative Leader – the strong pioneer

She is characterised by particularly outstanding achievements and exceptional success: Throughout her career, this strong pioneer has overcome every hurdle and always shone with creative and innovative impact. Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand for this woman, especially when it comes to establishing aluminium as the material of the future and thus driving forward the transformation of the entire industry. Sustainability is a particular concern of hers, which she is actively committed to – she is a courageous metal master!

Unsung Shero – the hidden champion 

She is a hero of everyday life and a hero of the industry: a woman who has a solution ready for every challenge, who always keeps a cool head in a crisis, who always has a sympathetic ear and is on hand with help and advice, a woman who shows total commitment and motivates the entire team. She is the woman for all cases, she knows everything and knows everyone, she is the one who is always there when questions arise and always knows the right answer – she is the unsung hero of the aluminium industry, a real "alloy angel"!

Male Ally – the committed companion

He is always a solid anchor who supports his female colleagues when it’s getting tough. He is the ally who supports, drives, encourages, motivates and celebrates the women in the industry. He is there when he is needed, shows sensitivity and empathy, has already enabled his female colleagues to make further progress, to achieve their goals and he actively promotes change, more equality and the recognition of women in the industry – he’s a true ally!

The Jury

Kirsty Davies-Chinnock

CEO and Founder of Women with Metal and Managing Director of Professional Polishing Services. Kirsty has worked in the metal sector for 35 years and is an expert in surface finishing of aluminium, stainless steel and other non ferrous metals for sectors including Nuclear, Pharmaceutical and Architectural. An experienced NED she is also a Director and past Chair of the British Stainless Steel Association and CIC ART Business Loans.

In 2023 Kirsty launched the Women in Industry Podcast to shine a light on women working in traditionally male dominated industries no matter what stage of their career. Kirsty is also a frequent media contributor for the BBC, SKY News and for print media both industry based and broadsheet.

Yasmin Ouiriemmi

Yasmin Ouiriemmi has been responsible for the project management of ALUMINIUM World Trade Fair organised by RX Deutschland GmbH, since 2022. After the graduation in Business Administration she gathered first experiences in organising congresses at the Center for Wind Power Drives at RWTH Aachen University and in agencies for analogue, digital and hybrid events. As Event Manager, Yasmin had already been in charge of various events in the materials trade fair portfolio of RX since 2019 until she took over the co-design of the supporting programme and the coordination of partnerships for ALUMINIUM in 2020, with the promotion to Product Manager following.

Nadine Bloxsome

Nadine Bloxsome currently holds the position of Membership and Sustainability Manager at the UK Aluminium Federation (ALFED) and brings over a decade of profound industry knowledge, honed through her tenure as Editor and Content Director at Aluminium International Today.

In her role at ALFED, Nadine is a driving force behind the association's sustainability initiatives, forging pathways towards a greener, more sustainable future for the aluminium industry. With a sharp focus on the 2050 Roadmap, she spearheads efforts to enhance value for partners and members by championing sustainable technologies and fostering collaborative networks.

Beyond her strategic leadership at ALFED, Nadine remains deeply entrenched in the realm of journalism and industry events. She continues to lend her expertise to Aluminium International Today, shaping conversations and disseminating insights on crucial industry developments. Her editorial role extends to moderating and presenting at industry conferences, further solidifying her position as a thought leader in the aluminium sector.

Duygu Saymen 

Duygu Saymen was appointed Secretary General of The Turkish Aluminium Industrialist Association having previously held the role of Deputy Secretary General.

As the leading representative of the Turkish Aluminium Industry, TALSAD works for sustainable growth and development of the aluminium industry in local and regional markets, development and implementation of new and advanced technologies, implementation of good practices in health, safety and environment and works to develop strong local and international partnerships.

Fiona Solomon 

Fiona is the Chief Executive Officer of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), which she joined in March 2015 with the responsibility for leading the development and implementation of ASI.  In 2023, ASI has more than 320 members and has issued more than 300 Certifications for performance and chain of custody in the aluminium value chain.

Her career has specialised in building new and innovative initiatives in mineral supply chains over more than 25 years.  She was previously Director – Standards Development at the Responsible Jewellery Council from 2007 to 2015, where she developed a certification program for gold, diamonds and platinum group metals which was adopted by more than 1000 companies across the supply chain from mine to retail.  She has served as a Board Member of the ISEAL Alliance and a founding member of the OECD’s Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group for responsible mineral supply chains.  From 1997, Fiona worked for ten years at Australia’s CSIRO, leading research into mining and sustainability, and was also seconded to WWF to manage a multi-stakeholder project on the feasibility of mine-site certification.  

She has a Bachelors degree (Hons 1) in mechanical engineering and a PhD in philosophy of technology, both from the University of Queensland, and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Marius Baader 

Marius Baader is the Managing Director of Aluminium Deutschland.

As a representative of the aluminum industry, AD strives to engage in an open dialogue with the public in order to increase transparency and understanding of the material aluminum and its members' products among customers and consumers. To this end, there is a constant exchange of experiences and ideas within the association; it is the prerequisite for effective representation of the interests of all member companies, including externally.

Paul Voss

Paul Voss is Director General at European Aluminium, the industry voice of the aluminium value chain in Europe. Mr. Voss is a long-term public affairs and governmental relations expert with 20 years of experience in the Brussels and energy sector. Prior to joining the aluminium industry, Paul Voss served as Managing Director at Euroheat & Power, the association for the European district energy sector, and as Head of Public and Industrial Affairs at energy solutions provider Danfoss District Energy.

A British-Belgian national, Paul Voss is married with three children and holds degrees in Political Science and European Public Administration from Universities in Canada, France and Belgium.

Zahra Awan

Zahra Awan is the current assistant editor of Aluminium International Today. Before starting her role, she completed a degree in English. She started the role in 2021 and has relied on the openness of the metals industry to teach her all there is to know. Learning, with the help of key industry players, researchers, universities, and the shop floor, and moving away from classical texts to economic and industry data, she has discovered satisfaction in numbers and the achievements of innovative discoveries. She is most appreciative of the work that the industry does to decarbonise, and attributes its hard work to the reason for her own personal awareness of the importance of sustainability in her everyday life. 

Voices from the Partner

Women With Metal is incredibly proud to be working with RX for The Aluminium Awards in 2024 to celebrate women working within the aluminium sector and encourage more to join us. Aluminium is a sustainable and innovative material and increased diversity in the sector can only enhance this. With thirty-five years working within the metals sector I know what a rewarding career this is and I am delighted to be able to shine a spotlight on some wonderful women and allies who are achieving great things. I am very excited to visit Dusseldorf and create the first Aluminium Edition of Women with Metal for The ALUMINIUM Awards.

Kirsty Davies-Chinnock
CEO & Gründerin Women With Metal

Managing Director PPS

After following the Women With Metal endeavour from the beginning and seeing the positive impact it is already generating across the aluminium sector, I am very honoured to be supporting this special Aluminium Edition on the judging panel! This exciting opportunity presents a continuation of sharing and development with other women and builds on the important topics and issues for nearly 50% of the metals industry workforce today. It will also highlight the huge achievements being made in our sector, champion growth, amplify voices, and pave the way for a more inclusive and thriving professional landscape. Investing in and showcasing the advancement of women within this sector isn't just a commitment to diversity; it's an investment in innovation, excellence, and the future of our industry. I can't wait to see the nominations and be part of such a game-changing event.

Nadine Bloxsome
Membership & Sustainability Manager

UK Aluminium Federation (ALFED) & Editor of Aluminium International Today