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Press accreditation for ALUMINIUM 2022

You would like to report on ALUMINIUM 2022 as a journalist, blogger or photographer?

In our accreditation guidelines you will find out what to consider and which proofs of legitimacy are required.

We appreciate your interest and will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Who receives press accreditation?

Accreditation for ALUMINIUM 2022 is only granted to journalists, bloggers and photographers who are

  • visit the trade fair for the purpose of editorial reporting and can prove a direct connection to the topics of ALUMINIUM;
  • work on behalf of media that are established in the industry;
  • report on the trade fair for daily newspapers, magazines, press agencies, radio, online magazines, blogs, YouTube channels.

And who doesn't?

  • People who cannot demonstrate an editorial connection to the topics of the trade fair;
  • Employees from press, marketing and advertising departments of publishing houses and companies;

How can journalistic activity be proven?

The following will be accepted as proof:

  • A link to a name article with reference to the industry;
  • A link to an imprint of a medium with reference to the industry that names you as an editor, permanent editorial staff member or author;
  • The assignment of a full editorial staff related to the topics of the aluminum industry.

Is a press card sufficient as sole proof?

No. The sole presentation of a valid press card is unfortunately not sufficient proof for accreditation to Aluminium.

What regulations apply to social media?

  • The social media channel must be established in the industry.
  • The social media channel is used for editorial reporting through text, photo and / or film.
  • Editorial contributions relevant to the event target group are regularly published on the social media channel in words, pictures and / or film.
  • For accreditation, we require the following reach:
  • Youtube: 50,000 subscribers
  • Instagram: 50,000 subscribers
  • Facebook: 50,000 subscribers
  • Blog: 5000 page views per month

Is there a right to accreditation?

In case of non-fulfillment of the requirements, incompletely filled out applications or missing supporting documents, we reserve the right to reject an application for accreditation without having to give a reason.

What regulations apply to photographers?

  • Photographs may only be taken for the purpose of journalistic reporting. Any commercial use beyond this is excluded.
  • The material may not be used to illustrate or promote events other than ALUMINIUM.
  • The photographer shall ensure that the personal rights of private individuals are not violated.
  • What regulations apply to video recordings?
  • Filming is only permitted in the context of journalistic reporting. Any commercial use beyond this is excluded.
  • Video recordings on behalf of exhibitors are only permitted after consultation with the ALUMINIUM press officers.
  • ALUMINIUM must be named as organizer for all contributions.
  • Live broadcasting of events or parts of events is generally prohibited. Exceptions must be agreed with the ALUMINIUM press officers (e.g. live announcements).
  • Only excerpts of the stage program may be published.
  • The cameraman / producer must ensure that the personal rights of private persons are not violated.

Press accreditation form

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