Where is the EU's raw materials strategy?

9. December 2021

European metal associations want to show politicians joint options for action to secure the supply of raw materials.

The alliance is a Who's Who: Aluminium Deutschland, Aluminium-Verband Schweiz, BDS, EHV, VDM, WGM, WVM and WSM have joined forces to find a solution to an increasingly pressing issue. Not least the current magnesium shortage has shown how vulnerable the European economy is when supply shortages occur.

Supply chains are becoming more vulnerable

In fact, however, there is more at stake, the stakeholders emphasize in a joint statement: "For the development of future technologies and for the ecological transformation of our economy, a secure supply of metallic raw materials such as aluminum, copper, lithium, manganese, magnesium, nickel or rare earths is essential. However, due to the change and vulnerability of international supply chains, the supply of raw materials is becoming increasingly difficult, he said."

We need a raw materials commissioner

The representatives of the associations emphasize that the European Commission's action plan on critical raw materials is a good first approach – but one that needs to be pursued with more vigor.

This emphasis would be significantly increased by the appointment of a raw materials representative, who would be responsible for a national raw materials strategy and integrate it at the European level.

The situation is serious: "Without metallic raw materials, the production lines here will come to a standstill.”