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Enabling better business decisions by pinpointing aluminium scrap supply opportunities

17. November 2022

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CRU Consulting delivered an expansive study detailing the current state and future trajectory of aluminium scrap supply dynamics, providing our client with essential market insights for executive decision making. 

Ibrahim Yucel, Senior Consultant 

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The drive to rapidly create progressively more circular and sustainable economics requires the aluminium industry to assess and rethink the entire value chain. Consumers and OEMs increasingly seek greater shares of recycled content and reduced carbon footprints of products they utilise. With superb recyclability and significantly lower Scope 1 and 2 emissions, secondary-intensive aluminium is a prime material for the circular economy.
Faced with these challenges and opportunities, our client – a leading, global aluminium market player – required support in the form of market intelligence and strategic advice for the company’s corporate strategy development. The company engaged CRU Consulting to conduct a global study of aluminium scrap markets, including detailed quantification and forecasting of secondary metal supply by geography and grade as well as analysis of the competitive scrap sourcing landscape.