• 27 – 29 September 2022
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Whether thick or thin: MESACON provides the desired solution for thickness gauges

July 27, 2022

The full range of thickness measurement technology is available to EMG users since the acquisition of MESACON this year. X-ray, isotope & laser systems are now part of EMG’s portfolio.

Fully automatic online thickness and coating thickness measurements require a high degree of technological competence, which must relate to a broad spectrum of use cases. Only a precise understanding of the specifics of the application and consideration of the accuracy requirements will result in a convincing customised solution for the individual application. High-precision thickness measurement is a basic requirement for the operation of rolling and processing plants in the metal industry.

Especially in the production of thin aluminium foils, the question of the measurement accuracy is the decisive criterion in the selection of the right technology and solution. And this is where the comprehensive solution expertise of MESCACON, based on decades of experience, comes into play. As the following figure shows, MESACON supplies the appropriate thickness measurement technology for almost all process steps in production.

Thickness measurement with ionising radiation

MESACON's isotope radiation-based measuring system works with different isotopes depending on the area of application and is used in both hot and cold areas. The flexible system design enables both single-point measurement systems and complex thickness profile measurements.


Coating thickness measurement in coating lines

The MESACON measuring system uses beta scattering as a measuring principle and is suitable for wet and dry coatings. It has cascaded measuring sensors for base material, primer, and finisher.

At this point, the proven EMG SOLID® coating thickness measurement systems - based on infrared spectroscopy and on laser-induced fluorescence measurement - ideally complement the MESACON developments.

MESACON thickness gauges for various process steps with X-ray, isotopes, and laser technology.

X-ray thickness measurement

The MESACON X-ray measuring devices can be used with a wide variety of measured materials due to different generator voltages. Here, too, single-point measurements as well as high-resolution thickness profile measurements are possible.

MESACON X-ray measuring systems are used above all in aluminium foil rolling. They are characterised by extremely high accuracy and short measuring cycles (< 10 ms).


Laser optical systems for thickness measurement

MESACON's laser-optical systems are characterised by low complexity, reasonable space requirements, and flexible integration into the production line, which represents an economical alternative to more complex and costly system solutions, especially for steel and aluminium service centres as well as automotive lines.


Competence for retrofits and modernisations

The broad availability of a wide range of sensor technologies and MESACON's comprehensive integration and application know-how enable the customer to realise an economic and efficient upgrade of existing plants by reusing system components during retrofitting and modernisation. In a reasonable number of cases, elements of the existing systems can be reused in the context of revamps or retrofitting projects.

This contributes greatly to a very economical, cost-saving realisation of retrofit projects. In this respect, MESACON's range of products and expertise is unrivalled worldwide.



With the addition of MESACON thickness measurement sensors to EMG's product portfolio of quality assurance systems, the customer receives a proven and reliable solution for measuring strip thickness and/or layer thickness in various areas of application. The user has access to the combined design and application knowledge of EMG and MESACON.

Each installation is configured line-specifically and equipped with the appropriate combination and design of sensors for the specific application. The standardised software environment that is used allows the flexible realisation of the various application scenarios with all possible system configurations.

In addition, customers benefit worldwide from EMG's existing international service network with personal experts directly on site.