• 08 – 10 October 2024
  • Exhib. Centre Düsseldorf

Recycling aluminium in aviation

Constellium & TARMAC Aerosave testing technologies and processes

28 August 2023

As one of the leading companies in the field of aluminium products, solutions and recycling, Constellium SE, together with TARMAC Aerosave, is pursuing the development of technologies and processes for the recovery of aluminium from end-of-life aircraft and its reuse in the aerospace value chain. In pursuing this goal, the two companies place equal emphasis on maintaining material properties and performance.

As a provider of innovative solutions for storage, transition, maintenance and recycling of aircraft and engines, TARMAC Aerosave has already established the reuse of aircraft components and materials in its core business. In cooperation with Constellium, the recycling of end-of-life aircraft will now be further investigated in order to jointly expand the contribution to the decarbonisation goals of the aviation sector.

Aluminium circularity for commercial aviation

The footprint of aluminium is quite affordable compared to other materials used in aircraft manufacturing. In addition, recycled aluminium consumes only 5 % of the energy required to produce primary metal – resulting in 95 % less CO2 emissions in the production of aluminium for commercial aircraft.

Both companies are contributing their know-how to the joint project: TARMAC Aerosave brings enormous expertise in dismantling and recycling end-of-life aircraft, while Constellium is extremely well versed in metallurgy, aluminium recycling and alloy design. Another objective of this project is to demonstrate that aluminium can achieve full recyclability in complex aerospace applications.

“Recycling is at the core of Constellium’s strategy” commented Ingrid Joerg, President of Constellium’s Aerospace & Transportation business unit. “Returning aluminium from end-of-life metallic aircraft structures back into our process is critical to achieving full circularity for commercial aviation. Aircraft recycling currently faces many technical challenges, but every effort to decarbonize the aerospace industry is necessary. As a technology and market leader in aluminium solutions, Constellium is committed to play its part.”


Original source Constellium SE