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Strong partnerships for aluminium in aviation

Novelis and AMAG renew their co-operation with Airbus

07 November 2023

Aluminium is and remains an important component for the aviation and aerospace industry. Due to properties such as strength combined with low weight and the enormous recycling potential, the material is highly relevant for product design and aircraft structural elements. Its high tolerance of extreme temperatures also makes it the ideal material for the manufacture of airplanes. Some leading aluminium suppliers work together with aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and supply the aerospace group with parts and components. 

AMAG renews multi-year contract for rolled products with Airbus

AMAG Austria Metall AG has renewed its multi-year contract with Airbus – as part of the renewal of the supply contract, the aluminium manufacturer will continue to supply Airbus with certified rolled products in the coming years, which will be used primarily for the structure and outer skin of all Airbus aircraft families.

AMAG and Airbus are linked by a long-term partnership that began with a supply relationship in 1995. Over the years, delivery volumes, high quality and reliability have been steadily increased, with extensive investment in the expansion of the plant in Ranshofen with a new rolling mill and expansions to the foundry and recycling capacities making a significant contribution. This enables AMAG to offer aviation customers a comprehensive value chain from primary material (primary and recycled aluminium) to rolled products (plates, sheets) and ready-to-install components. AMAG's recycling expertise makes it possible to convert scrap material from component production at German sites into high-quality rolled products. This process closes material cycles, saves valuable raw materials and energy and reduces CO2 emissions. In this way, AMAG is making a significant contribution to achieving the aviation industry's sustainability goals.

The awards that AMAG received from Airbus – the "Accredited Supplier" award and recognition as a D2P Challenger for professionalism and cooperation – underline both the partnership between the two companies and AMAG's performance as a supplier of rolled products and aerospace components.

Novelis signs agreement to expand cooperation with Airbus

Novelis is also strengthening and extending its collaboration with Airbus, which has lasted for more than 30 years. As part of the contract extension, Novelis will continue to supply Airbus with plates and sheets as well as wing skins specifically for the A320 aircraft family. Wing skins are particularly heavy-duty products that require pre-machining for long components and special alloys to meet the most demanding standards in the aircraft industry.

Deliveries are primarily made from the Novelis sites in Koblenz, Germany, and Zhenjiang, China – Novelis is the only supplier that manufactures aluminium flat rolled products for the aerospace industry in both Europe and Asia. The company's sites in Zhenjiang and Koblenz have all the necessary certifications to fully supply the aerospace industry.