• 27 – 29 September 2022
  • Exhib. Centre Düsseldorf

Oman Aluminium Rolling Company: A state of the art Rolling Mill

September 21, 2022

Oman Aluminium Rolling Company (OARC) is a state of the art, world class sheet rolling facility in the Sultanate of Oman, established in August 2011. The plant is capable to produce 200,000 Mt of hot and cold rolled coils of various alloys, gauges and width. The company is an important provider of rolled products to its customers in the USA, Europe and GCC.

OARC is located next to the Sohar aluminium smelter, where high purity smelted aluminium is transferred directly to the OARC casthouse for producing various alloys, based on customer requirements.


Strong position in the USA and expanding rapidly in Europe

OARC’s rolled products are applied in a broad variety of markets and applications. Examples are Re-Roll applications and usage of its products by various customers in the field of building & construction materials, heat exchangers, food containers, foil, etcetera. OARC is a leading exporter of its products to renowned customers in the USA and GCC, and it is rapidly strengthening its position in Europe.


Advanced Hazelett Casting Technology

The facility includes a Hazelett Twin Belt Caster which provides unique metallurgical properties that benefit customers in their business applications of aluminium sheet products. OARC has one of the very few Hazlett caster in the world which is manufactured by a global leader in the design and manufacture of continuous casting machines. The Hazelett twin-belt casting machine offers the highest production rate and demonstrated energy savings and lower emissions than other processes.

The twin belt caster substitutes DC casting, sawing, preheating, with an all-in-one operation. This makes it possible to meet customer demand quickly and lowers inventory. A Hazelett caster is the only continuous caster that is designed to produce different alloys with varied widths. Currently OARC casts more than 11 different alloys (1050, 1350, 1100, 3003, 3004, 3105, 5052, 7072, 8011, 8006 and 8111). OARC is able to provide hotband to its customers in the following seriess:1XXX, 3XXX & 5XXX ( Mg> 3.0% ), and 8XXX.


Sophisticated Quality Control system

OARC is committed to producing the best quality products, in accordance with national and international standards, in order to meet the needs of the market and exceed customer expectations. OARC supplies hot band coils to meet all specifications and standards like VIZ, ASTM, EN, or any other standard or customer specific standards. The products also comply with regulatory requirements REACH and RoHS.

The liquid metal that OARC receives from the smelter is of high purity with very low impurity content. OARC has been certified for ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; ISO 45001: 2018 and ISO 17025 Laboratory Management System.


Greener aluminium and a safe workplace

Its close proximity to the smelter, where the molten metal is received in superheated form, and the nature of its production process, allow OARC to always balance the fuel and mineral oil needs, making OARC’s aluminum coils more environmentally friendly.

As part of its dedication to workplace safety, the environment, and the local community where it operates, OARC has made a big change by using biodiesel in its process, which will replace the conventional diesel. OARC is proud to contribute by this initiative to reduce its environmental impact.


Customer satisfaction above all

OARC has established itself as a pioneer in the production and export of flat rolled aluminum over an exceptionally short period of time thanks to its dedication to develop a broad variety of products with a relentless product variety, focus on quality, and ongoing process- and product innovation.  OARC's goal is to maintain and enhance its trust-based relationship with its customers by putting their needs first and always ensuring that OARC is accredited by regional and/or international recognized organizations for the quality of final goods.