• 08 – 10 October 2024
  • Exhib. Centre Düsseldorf

Transformation & technology of the aluminium industry

Pioneers of the aluminium industry in interview    

12 May 2023

As the world's leading trade fair and platform for the aluminium industry, we will soon be launching a series of interviews in several parts, dedicated to the current focal points, challenges, possibilities and opportunities of the industry. First and foremost, the series will deal with the transformation and technology of the present and the future – since aluminium can play a decisive role in the transformation of Europe, and even the world, towards a sustainable future!

In addition to buzzwords such as Industry 4.0 and digitalisation, the industry is particularly concerned with the green transition and the path to an industry that is as sustainable as possible. And this change is more important today than ever before. High energy prices and scarce resources are a burden for many, and the energy crisis is currently causing problems for several companies. Just like the crisis, the transformation of the aluminium sector affects all application industries worldwide and needs even more attention. The implementation is characterised by challenges and difficulties, but also by extensive opportunities and possibilities. Advanced techniques and technology can help drive the transformation. But stakeholder collaboration is also an important issue for a strong and competitive aluminium industry.

We shed light on the industry's transformation

As collaboration and exchange is key, it makes it all the more important for ALUMINIUM as a platform to involve these stakeholders, share their knowledge and bring them together. Many companies and industry experts are already dealing with the issues and share their thoughts and assessments with us in exciting conversations. As part of the interview series, we interview "Lighthouse Pioneers", the industry's gamechangers, we get to the bottom of the trendsetters, icons and pioneers of the aluminium industry and shed light on the key topics surrounding the transformation and technology of the aluminium industry.

Transformation and technology: Questions that move the industry

How is the green transition of the industry going, how is the digital transformation progressing? What does transformation even mean for the industry, which technologies are needed as a basis? And what influence does aluminium as a material have on both transformation and technologies?

The industry is facing some challenges, how can we create change and get things moving? What does the industry need to do? What approaches and technologies can make a decisive difference here? In the interview series, we will gradually find answers and solutions to these and other questions together with the industry's gamechangers.

The ALUMINIUM Business Summit, which will take place on 7 and 8 November 2023 “Altes Stahlwerk” in Düsseldorf, will also focus on these topics and at the same time place a further emphasis on sustainability and recycling – a topic that will also provide us with enough material for another interview series.