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New Initiative: Aluminium Forward 2030

„Further, faster, together“

09 May 2023

© International Aluminium Institute, Aluminium Forward 2030

The International Aluminium Institute (IAI) launched the Aluminium Forward 2030 initiative – a coalition of stakeholders and players in the aluminium sector from e.g., the beverage can, automotive, electrical, transport and construction markets. The initiative will focus on driving progress towards net-zero emissions, the joint plan also aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In doing so, the initiative also demonstrates what cohesion and united forces can achieve in times of crisis to tackle one of the most complex global challenges.

Strong plan, strong projects, strong partners

Through Aluminium Forward, IAI is bringing together industry leaders, producers and processors from all aluminium-consuming market segments to implement a strong 2030 roadmap of projects that will ensure aluminium consumption and production meet the growing needs of society. At the same time, the aim is to work towards zero-carbon production while addressing broader sustainability challenges highlighted in the UN Sustainable Development Goals – for example, social inequality, biodiversity loss, access to freshwater and circular economy.

Leading companies in the aluminium sector, including beverage can makers, cable manufacturers and aluminium technology companies have already committed to Aluminium Forward 2030. The coalition aims to protect and enhance the societal value of aluminium in all its applications. It also offers members the opportunity to be part of a learning community that aims to transform the future of supply chains.

The initiative builds on 50 years of experience in which IAI has advanced the sustainable production and use of aluminium through collaborative projects to manage waste, reduce pollution and improve the health of workers, communities and consumers, as well as credible, transparent data and comprehensive analysis.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change are high priorities for the aluminium industry. The sector wants to move further towards net zero carbon emissions, taking into account all other aspects of sustainability – one of the reasons to bring the Aluminium Forward 2030 coalition to life.

For the initiative, exchanges are already starting now in 2023, along with a consultation on the main categories of sustainability issues facing the aluminium industry. The first objective is to identify the sustainability challenges and the current state of the industry in relation to these challenges, to identify perspectives for progress and best practices, to explore the current need for action and to examine projects that address these issues.

A series of workshops will be held throughout the year to develop a roadmap of opportunities for impact and action, as well as to strengthen links between members of the coalition. Further events will be held to share insights on the sectoral net-zero carbon roadmap and explore deeper opportunities for future Coalition Aluminium Forward 2030 projects.