Demand for "green" aluminium is rising

30. Juli 2021

The demand for "green" metal or "low carbon aluminium", which has a low CO2 footprint in production, is increasing. This trend is expected to continue over the next few years. The long-term goal of industry and customers is to permanently reduce emissions throughout the aluminium supply chain.

The automotive industry in particular is paying attention to its carbon footprint as an award criterion in the supply chain. For car manufacturers, the supply of "resource-efficient" aluminium is an important step towards reducing CO2 emissions in the supplier network. In addition to the proven aluminium recycling cycle, the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) with its two standards (Chain of Custody and Performance) has been established since 2015 and provides the material with the acceptance demanded by customers.

Since many companies are already ASI-certified, the demand for "green for "green, sustainable low-carbon aluminium" continues to gain momentum. The list of companies that put special green labels on their primary or recycled aluminium is growing. BMW will soon be buying CelestiAl brand "solar" aluminium from EGA, HAI is ordering so-called "natural Al" from Century Aluminium, Alcoa is marketing EcoLum, Rio Tinto is selling RenewAl and Hydro has Reduxa and Circal on offer. The list of "low-carbon labels" can be continued. The high demand is likely to result in surcharges, as premium metal has its price.