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ALUMINIUM: Turkiye's strong performance

September 23, 2022

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The Turkish aluminium industry is one of the strongest in the world. And it will also be making its presence felt at ALUMINIUM 2022: around 100 exhibitors from Turkiye will be represented in Düsseldorf.

Turkish Aluminium Sector, as Turkiye's top exporter of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with a volume of $5.04 billion and a share of 40%, has exported to 192 countries. For more than 25 years, Turkish companies have been actively participating in the leading international exhibitions in Europe, Asia, and the USA and building the “Turkish Aluminium” brand across the world. A digital platform where the sector companies and their products are displayed every day of the year, Turkishaluminium365 provides the opportunity to make new contacts and organize meetings with companies.


Association flies its flag

Operating since 1986 and having 8.000 members as of 2022, Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association (İDDMİB) will attend the ALUMINIUM 2022 fair with an info booth with an area of 90 m2. İDDMİB has been operating in aluminium, copper, kitchenware, construction, hardware, fittings, casting, and packaging industries in order to boost exports, diversify exported products, and increase products' competitive power. As a non-profit exporters' association, İDDMİB has conducted and participated in worldwide international exhibitions, domestic and foreign committees, URGE (clustering) and R&D projects, design competitions, and next-generation export projects such as trade365.


“It gains a bigger place in daily life”

Çetin Tecdelioğlu, Chairman of İDDMİB, says: “There is a growing demand for aluminium each passing day. Its area of use is expanded by new technologies and production models, including defense, construction, and automotive sectors in particular, and it gains an increasingly bigger place in daily life.”

And he emphasizes the transformation of the sector towards sustainability: “We constantly work to ensure that our companies shape all their policies on the basis of green transformation and stay attuned to the economic transformation. We try and provide guidance to the companies through training sessions and meetings.”