How sustainable can it become?

January 13, 2022

The goal is a climate-neutral society. The way to get there also involves aluminum. This is confirmed by a current position paper from Aluminium Deutschland.

The tenor is thoroughly self-confident: "There is only one answer to many questions about the future: aluminum!" Aluminium Deutschland answers why this is the case in the position paper "Positioning Aluminium and Sustainability".

Countless advantages of the material

The paper summarizes the key material properties that make aluminum an enabler for a climate-neutral society. And it explains how the industry itself is optimizing its products and processes for emissions while helping customers to reduce their own footprints.

An international comparison of the footprint caused by the production of primary aluminum also shows that the European aluminum industry by no means has to hide here – "because the CO2 footprint of aluminum from other regions of the world is in some cases significantly higher".

Industrial policy is called for

On the other hand, one thing is clear: under the current conditions, many things have been exhausted. Aluminium Deutschland therefore lists measures that are necessary if decarbonization is to be driven forward and the industry is to remain competitive with rival materials.

And that leads to a series of demands on policymakers. These include, for example, a harmonized European industrial electricity price, exemption of the recycling industry from CO2 taxes, and investment in a more effective collection and sorting infrastructure.

Here you can find the position paper "Positioning Aluminium and Sustainability" from Aluminium Deutschland.



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