• 08 – 10 October 2024
  • Exhib. Centre Düsseldorf


08 – 10 October 2024
Exhibition Center Düsseldorf

Official Supporters

AD Aluminium Deutschland
Aluminium Deutschland (AD), headquartered in Düsseldorf, was founded in its present form in Dresden in 1992. We are an association of aluminum companies that produce raw aluminum or aluminum products, also in combination with other materials. As an industry association, we represent the interests of an efficient aluminum industry and its jobs with the aim:

- To communicate the economic, ecological and technical advantages of aluminum as a material, also in competition with other materials, and thus to increase the use of the "material for tomorrow's world";
- To realize the ecological, economic and social ideas of the aluminum industry in the sense of sustainability;
- To purposefully continue on the path toward realizing sustainable, future-oriented development in the aluminum industry and in dialogue with all social groups.

European Aluminium
European Aluminium, founded in 1981 and based in Brussels, is the voice of the aluminium industry in Europe. We actively engage with decision makers and the wider stakeholder community to promote the outstanding properties of aluminium, secure growth and optimise the contribution our metal can make to meeting Europe’s sustainability challenges. Through environmental and technical expertise, economic and statistical analysis, scientific research, education and sharing of best practices, public affairs and communication activities, European Aluminium promotes the use of aluminium as a material with permanent properties that is part of the solution to achieving sustainable goals, while maintaining and improving the image of the industry, of the material and of its applications among their stakeholders. Our 80+ members include primary aluminium producers; downstream manufacturers of extruded, rolled and cast aluminium; producers of recycled aluminium and national aluminium associations are representing more than 600 plants in 30 European countries.

Industry Partners of ALUMINIUM

ALUEXPO - Meeting point of the Aluminium Industry in Eurasia

Hannover Messe Ankiros Fairs organizes the 8th International Aluminium Technology, Machinery and Products Trade Fair – ALUEXPO in October 2025 at the Istanbul Expo Center. The registrations for the Aluexpo reached a record level in its history regarding exhibitors and exhibition area. It will become the biggest show ever. We would like to invite you to 8th Aluexpo Trade Fair in this positive business atmosphere that will be on stage more effective and efficient.

Don’t forget to pre-register for fast and safe entry to the fair ground!

Aluminium Federation Ltd (ALFED)

As the voice of the UK aluminium industry with over 150 members across the entire supply chain, the Aluminium Federation represents businesses who process, trade and work with aluminium. We foster innovation, promote best practice, develop skills and champion member interests. From training and networking to research, advocacy, lobbying and outreach, we help our members solve problems, capitalise on opportunities and boost their competitiveness.

We bring together recycling and secondary producers, extruders, finishers and stockholders; giving everyone involved in UK aluminium the chance to get their voices heard and make connections for mutually beneficial business and supply development.

ALFED CEO, Tom Jones, commented: “Aluminium is an affordable, highly recyclable material that supports a global circular economy. Working together, we’re actively driving UK aluminium forward – and I look forward to working with you in this endeavour”.

Aluminium Federation of South Africa (AFSA)

Since 1981, the Aluminium Federation of South Africa (AFSA) has been a driving force in advocating for the awareness and utilisation of aluminium. Recognised as a proactive entity in the industry, AFSA offers its Members a wide range of services, encompassing technical insights, educational initiatives, training opportunities, and market development support.

Committed to representing and safeguarding the interests of its Members, AFSA fosters a collaborative atmosphere that empowers businesses to pursue their goals in a competitive yet cooperative environment. With a diverse membership spanning aluminium metal production, semi-fabrication, architectural and construction industries, general engineering, packaging, castings, surface finishing, and industry suppliers, AFSA's influence permeates various sectors of South Africa's aluminium landscape.

AFSA’s planned participation in the forthcoming ALUMINIUM 2024 event in October 2024 in Düsseldorf, Germany, underscores AFSA's dedication to advancing the South African aluminium industry, providing a platform for innovation, networking, and knowledge exchange on a global scale. South Africa's aluminium sector remains vital to the nation's economy, generating primary metal, secondary alloys, semi-finished profiles, rolled products, and a diverse range of finished goods. AFSA's unwavering advocacy ensures the South African aluminium industry maintains its prominence and competitiveness worldwide.

The CRU World Aluminium Conference

Join the conversations that matter with the industry’s major players in London, 14-16 May 2024

We are delighted to announce the CRU World Aluminium Conference 2024 will be held from 14-16 May in London. Now in its 29th year, the event is firmly established in the aluminium calendar as the strategic choice for industry stakeholders, the event offers high level networking and the opportunity to have your say in discussions with the industry's top executives.  Make meaningful business connections with the right people over three days of networking and strategic discussions. 

In addition, CRU’s Aluminium Industry Training Courses provide a complete and detailed introduction into the workings of the global aluminium and raw materials markets. Combining 1000s of hours’ worth of research compiled over many years, three-day course provides cost- and time-effective coaching from the most respected aluminium brand in the industry, resulting in clear career benefits to seasoned executives and new entrants alike.

CRU’s Aluminium team provides in-depth market analysis, forecasts, and price assessments for the global aluminium industry. Our aluminium market analysis focuses on supply and demand fundamentals, price dynamics and forecasts for the entire value chain, including upstream and downstream markets.

European Research Association for Magnesium (EFM e.V.)

The EFM is a Magnesium Research Association of European companies
founded at Aalen University in the southern part of Germany in 1991.
The membership is open for companies as magnesium foundries,
suppliers of extruded material, machine and part suppliers, suppliers of furnaces, companies of surface finishing and systems suppliers.

Our goal is to encourage an increased industrial use of magnesium applications via supporting research and development projects in cooperation with other Universities and Institutes.

For an improved exchange of experiences among others our annual User- and Automotive Seminar as well as working groups have been established.

European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA) e.V.

The European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA) is the international body representing companies engaged in the rolling and rewinding of alufoil and in the manufacture of aluminium closures, alufoil semi-rigid containers and of all kind of flexible packaging. Its more than 100 members include companies in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. The association's activities on behalf of its members include the compilation and sharing of statistical information, market research, and promoting aluminium foil and developing the interests of the industry with third parties. Sustainability issues are also high on the agenda for both aluminium foil and flexible packaging.


FUNDIGEX, the Spanish Association for Foundries and Casting Equipment Manufacturers, is a nonprofit organisation founded in 1985, which comprises companies belonging to the entire value chain of the Spanish Foundry Industry. Our main objective is to improve the competitiveness of our companies through cooperation, mainly in the field of internationalisation, but also within many other areas of interest to the sector. FUNDIGEX is recognised by and works closely with official regional and national bodies as well as international institutions in order to provide a broad range of services to its member companies.

Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative

The Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative (GLAFRI) is the organization which coordinates worldwide actions to promote market development, stimulate innovation and present a unified approach to sustainability issues for the aluminium foil roller industry. Members benefit from being part of a vast global network of leading players, sharing ideas and solutions to common challenges, generate accurate market statistics and develop marketing initiatives for the industry.

GSB International

GSB International is the first quality association for the coating of aluminium building parts world-wide. The independent testing of coating plants, coating material and pre-treatment chemicals according to the GSB quality regulations guarantees highest quality as per the state of the art and even beyond. GSB is a reliable partner for building contractors, architects and metal construction companies.

Quartz Business Media Ltd.

A leading organiser of B2B exhibitions and conferences and a publisher of market-leading magazines and directories, Quartz Business Media has conceptualised, developed, and launched some of the most respected live events and publications in the world, truly supporting the industries that they serve.

QBM also acts as an incubator for individuals and start-ups with great ideas for new events. 

Turkish Aluminium Industrialists Association (TALSAD)

Turkish Aluminium Industrialists Association (TALSAD), established on March 15, 1971, is one of the oldest industry associations in Turkey. TALSAD is celebrating its 50th year and since its establishment, it has developed its membership by reaching a large base of members and a wider national and international network through its membership of European Aluminium, and several memberships of leading national industry organizations.

TALSAD aims to assist the growth and development of the aluminium market, to facilitate innovation and advanced technology implementations, to raise awareness and improve health, safety and environment consciousness, and to implement training and education programs to increase the use and applicability of aluminium by organizing fairs and industry events. 

The Bright World of Metals

The four international technology trade fairs cover all production routes and processing methods for iron and steel, aluminium and magnesium, copper, zinc and other NF metals. One exhibitor focus is traditionally the foundry industry with GIFA featuring the now 15th International Foundry Trade Fair with Technical Forum. NEWCAST is the world’s most important platform for custom cast products. At METEC, the leading metallurgy trade fair, exhibitors showcase state-of-the-art plant and equipment for the production, casting and shaping of steel, pig iron and NF metals, for electrical and control, measuring and testing technology, as well as for environmental protection and waste disposal. At THERMPROCESS, International Trade Fair for Thermo Process Technology, the trade audience can find out about highly innovative technologies and environmentally conscious concepts for industrial thermoprocessing plants over five trade fair days. 

The Bright World of Metals is regarded worldwide as the most important business platform of its kind as well as a barometer for pioneering innovations. It is open for trade visitors from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm on Monday, 12 June to Thursday, 15 June 2023 and from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm on Friday, 16 June. One admission ticket covers all four events. For more information plus industry and company news on the trade fairs visit www.gifa.com, www.metec.com, www.thermprocess.com and www.newcast.com

Verband für die Oberflächenveredelung von Aluminium e.V. (VOA)

The Verband für die Oberflächenveredelung von Aluminium e. V. (Association for the Surface Finishing of Aluminium). (VOA) is a trade association that networks the surface finishing industry in Germany. It represents the interests of its members in politics and business, supports them in technical issues in cooperation with research and testing institutes, universities and associations, and is a strong partner in education, training and further education. In addition, the VOA is the general licensee of the internationally recognised quality marks QUALANOD and QUALICOAT and awards its own quality mark QUALISTRIP.

Wirtschaftsverband Großhandel Metallhalbzeug e.V. (WGM)

The Wirtschaftsverband Großhandel Metallhalbzeug e.V. (WGM) is the trade association for German and European traders and processors of non-ferrous (NF) semi-finished metal products. Sponsoring members of the WGM are national and international producers of semi-finished products.

The services of the WGM can be divided into five business areas: The WGM informs and advises, is a business network, offers products tailored to the industry as part of continuing professional development, develops and implements industry projects and represents the interests of its members in public.

Media Partners of ALUMINIUM

Aluminium International Today

Aluminium International Today (AIT) is the leading bi-monthly English language journal dedicated to all sectors and regions of the international aluminium manufacturing and processing industry. With more than 30 years’ experience, AIT is committed to delivering up-to date global news, events, and statistics, as well as more detailed technical articles, company and country profiles, conference reports and regular regional economic briefings. The journal has changed dramatically since its formation and now publishes news regularly on its website: www.aluminiumtoday.com as well as a free weekly newsletter, which is sent to the inbox of more than 24,000 industry professionals. In addition, AIT can be found discussing the latest industry news and views on social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn and on the Aluminium: ON AIR Podcast, which highlights the challenges faced across the sector and growing green technology trends.

Aluminium Kurier

ALUMINIUM KURIER is one of the leading trade newspapers in the aluminum and nonferrous metals sector in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The trade newspaper is published every 2 months in print and as an e-paper, plus various themed issues. A monthly newsletter and the alu-news.de platform provide you with the latest information from the aluminum industry - all completely free of charge. At alu-news.de we offer you the ideal platform for manufacturers and buyers of semi-finished products and sheet, profiles and castings. Metal traders and buyer markets such as automotive, construction, solar industry, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering obtain their information from here.

Aluminium Lieferverzeichnis

For almost 50 years, the annually published Aluminium Supply Directory has been regarded as the leading international reference work for the aluminium industry by buyers in the core and key industries, in the contract work segment, by experts and inspectors as well as at association and chamber levels.

With its contemporary format, it meets the justified expectations of users who need a quick and targeted overview of suppliers of raw materials, metallurgical products, semi-finished and semi-manufactured products, light metal trade, finished products, plant & mechanical engineering, aluminium processing and the wide field of services such as consulting and expert opinions.

Aluminium Praxis

Aluminium Praxis is the trade journal for industrial and craft companies in German-speaking countries and the Benelux countries that process aluminum and use it as a material. Aluminium Praxis provides information on the range of semi-finished products and their new developments and the technologies, machines and tools used in the processing of aluminum from the semi-finished product to the finished product: Casting, heat treatment, cutting, joining, stamping, bending, surface treatment ... User reports provide the practical reference and current industry news and economic reports round off the reporting of Aluminium Praxis. Digitally Aluminium Praxis reports at alu-web.de and in the weekly newsletter.


About Our Magazines Win&ARTProje Magazine; it is intended for the PVC construction sector, which includes the Door, Window, Roof, Facade, Glass, Insulation product group. Published every 2 months. The number of prints is 5,000. ALU&Art Magazine; it is intended for the Aluminum construction sector, which includes the Door, Window, Roof, Facade, Glass, Insulation product group. Published every 2 months. The number of prints is 5,000. Both Win&ArtProje and Alu&Art Magazines reach domestic and foreign companies, architects, civil engineers, large-scale construction companies, construction sites, institutions and organizations (chambers of commerce, chambers of industry, chambers of architects and engineers, etc.) related to the sector, and are also distributed at domestic and international building fairs. E-Magazine You can view all of our magazines on our websites, Calameo, Turkcell Dergilik, Vodafone Dmags, Türk Telekom E-dergi applications. Social Media : Winartaluartdergileri Facebook / Youtube / Instagram / Linkedin Fairs Our magazines are distributed in all door, window, glass, aluminum and building fairs held throughout Turkey.


A&L is the most prestigious international magazine in thealuminium industry; it is

dedicated to the entire light metal industrial chain with particular attention to downstream

processing, foundry, die-casting, extrusion and rolling; from the market to machines, processes,

technologies, products and final applications, such as transport, packaging, constructions, with

an experience and professional competence unique in the world.

Costruire Stampi

Costruire Stampi is a valuable editorial tool offering useful and practical information on the most 

innovative solutions designed for mould and die production or modelling. The magazine is divided

into different sections: from machine tools (milling machines and machining centers, grinding

machines and EDM systems) to tools, from CAD/CAM systems to numerical controls and

measurement systems.


Deformazione is a technical magazine dedicated to all types of sheet metal working techniques.

It covers a broad range of topics - ranging from laser, plasma and waterjet cutting to more

conventional techniques such as cold and hot forming, bending and welding.

Digital Engineering Magazin -Solutions for designers, developers and engineers

In the DIGITAL ENGINEERING magazine, designers and decision-makers will find everything they need for the development, design and operation of complex, technical products and systems as they occur in the manufacturing industry - including mechanical and plant engineering, production technology or the automotive industry. The trade magazine promotes interdisciplinary understanding across the entire industrial value creation process, i.e. from digital product development to digital production.

Digital Manufacturing - Establishment and optimisation of IT-supported production processes

The magazine focuses on fundamentals, methods, technical trends, solutions (IT, industrial components and machine tools) and practical application examples for the entire process chain in industrial production.

DIGITAL MANUFACTURING magazine communicates which productivity advantages can be achieved through powerful solutions (IT, industrial components and machine tools) in production, which solutions and which suppliers are represented on the market.

Foundry-Planet GmbH

No. 1 online portal for the foundry industry - known worldwide ! 

Foundry-planet.com is the international B2B internet portal created specifically for foundries, diecasters, foundry industry suppliers, consultants, students and buyers of metal and light metal castings. Since its launch in 2005, it has grown steadily to become the strongest digital format for foundry-oriented industries. In particular, information transfer, reach and digital selection for an extremely exciting traget group far beyond the foundry field.


Founded in 1949, “Galvanotecnica e nuove finiture” has ever been the reference publication for the Italian electroplating and metal finishing market.

It is the official journal of A.I.F.M., the Italian Association of Metal Finishing.

The editorial line of the magazine includes:

1) SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION, articles dedicated to the topics of greatest interest and relevance for the electroplating and the metal finishing sector, one of which is bilingual (Italian / English);

2) GENERAL AND COMMERCIAL INFORMATION: regulations – news from the industries - exhibitions - conferences - A.I.F.M. courses, conferences & initiatives.

Readers: technicians and engineers working in the field of the metal finishing and of the metallic coatings applied both by electro and electroless deposition - entrepreneurs and managers of plating shops - plating plants, equipments and instruments suppliers - plating processes and specialty chemicals suppliers - waste water treatment plants suppliers - end-users.


With the trade journals Galvanotechnik and PLUS, Leuze Verlag has been providing technical information for specialists in the field of surface treatment and PCB production at the highest level monthly for more than 110 years. This includes not only detailed technical articles and essays on the latest technical developments by authors from all over the world and an extensive job market, but also practical information and reports on companies, events, patents, company addresses and association news. More than 140 technical and textbooks round off the extensive range and offer technical information for practitioners, scientists, students and pupils. From elementary basics to highly specialized process technologies, they leave no question unanswered. Always up to date: www.leuze-verlag.de

heat processing

heat processing is the leading trade medium for industrial thermoprocess technology, industrial furnace construction and heat treatment. The spectrum of topics ranges from metallurgical plant engineering and hardening technology to research and development. Each year, the magazine publishes a focus issue on aluminum with an eye on plant technology and markets. The editorial team publishes practice-oriented technical articles and application reports by renowned authors and offers a comprehensive decision-making aid for engineers and managers in thermoprocessing technology and related industries.


 INDUSTRIEMAGAZIN is by far the most read magazine by the producing industry in Austria, has been published since 1990 and monthly reaches 31,000 decision-makers with a circulation of 23,000 print copies according to a certified audience analysis. Online, INDUSTRIEMAGAZIN is represented on www.industriemagazin.at and generates 200,000 page views with more than 140,000 users per month. Additionally, the newsletter “Weekly Briefing” reaches 14,000 subscribers twice a week. Also, the “Digital Deep Dive” focuses on a specific topic every month, shedding light on it by the introduction of reports, analyses, videos, podcasts and a fully packed topic-specific newsletter revolving around the focus topic. INDUSTRIEMAGAZIN news, the first weekly news program, that provides insight into the diverse world of the domestic industry, complements the information offer supplied by INDUSTRIEMAGAZIN, with an up-to-date overview of current events that move the industry completed with expert interviews. 

International ALUMINIUM Journal

International ALUMINIUM Journal is read worldwide and focuses on the production of aluminum and semi-finished products. Articles on the further processing and application of aluminum show the variety of possible uses of aluminum as a material.

Economic and business reports, industry news and interviews, as well as aspects of efficiency and sustainability round out the coverage of International ALUMINIUM Journal

IPCM International Paint&Coating Magazine

The smart journal about surface treatments. Bimonthly technical magazine for the industry of surface treatments and organic and inorganic finishes. The magazine is available in two languages: Italian and English. ipcm provides technical, scientific and practical information on all types of surface treatment in the general industry: liquid coatings, powder coatings, coil coating, pre-treatment/cleaning, electroplating, anodic oxidation, thin films, PVD, CVD and sputtering, paint stripping, shotblasting, sandblasting, chemicals, raw materials, pigments, paints and coatings, measurement technologies, checks and laboratory tests, material handling, application plants, coating systems, IR/UV technology. The magazine offers exclusive and original content and case studies about painting and coating technologies, up-to-date information on products, success stories, market insights, reviews of events and trade shows.

Jahresmagazin Werkstofftechnik 2022

Materials engineering - from material to innovation - stands for the goal of advancing Germany on its way to becoming a global innovation leader. Good ideas are to be quickly transformed into renewed products and services. Because it is precisely these solutions that are the driving force for . prosperity and quality of life. They strengthen Germany's position as a leading economic and export nation.

The creative development of materials technology and materials research are key to solving the tasks of the future. New materials help to increase material and energy efficiency, improve the quality of life and increase the competitiveness of industry.


KEM Konstruktion, Industrieanzeiger (Konradin Mediengruppe)

The industry division of the Konradin Media Group comprises 18 media brands for decision-makers in industry and consists of specialist media, many of which have been at home in their markets for decades and enjoy the trust of companies and advertisers. Our target groups are the decision-makers in the central sectors of industry or, as specialists, use focused information in important sub-sectors or innovative growth areas. Predominantly in the target sectors of electrical engineering, food and nutrition, automotive engineering, precision mechanics/optics, mechanical and plant engineering, medical technology, metal production/processing as well as the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. As a network for industrial communication, we enable a cross-media, target group-specific approach in print and online, via events and media partnerships, lead generation through to corporate publishing. Konradin Media Group is your competent partner for integrated communication with your customers.

La Metallurgia Italiana

La Metallurgia Italiana - the International Journal of the Italian Association for Metallurgy is published by AIM since 1909. AIM organises several courses, seminars and conferences for the Italian and international  metallurgical community, in order to widespread the knowledge and culture of metals. 

Light Metal Age

Light Metal Age (LMA) is the pre-eminent magazine of the aluminum industry. In 2022, LMA celebrates its 80th year of continuous publication. The iconic magazine is well-known for presenting new technology and developments in the aluminum field.

Aluminum is the lightweight champion of the world. Due to its dynamic qualities, there are few fields of applications where aluminum is not suitable for use. Currently, aluminum continues to experience a surge in growth, with OEMs seeking to lightweight their vehicles to address international standards and increased customer awareness regarding sustainability and environmental impact. These developments—along with significant advances in aerospace, building and construction, beverage and packaging, marine, solar, and other industries—point to a strong future for the aluminum industry.

Available in both print and digital format, LMA is a bi-monthly magazine that covers the entire value chain of the aluminum industry—from primary production to semi-fabrication, including extrusion, rolling, and associated downstream fabrication, such as finishing, machining, and joining.

Magazin für Oberflächentechnik

SHORT CHARACTERISTICS The trade journal mo, the magazine for surface technology, reports on current topics in the functional and decorative surface treatment of metals, plastics, glass and wood. Regular sections include wet and powder coating, electroplating, industrial plasma surface technology, cleaning and pre-treatment, mechanical processing and measuring and testing technology. Modern surface technology processes, environmental technology and quality assurance complement the editorial concept. With exclusive articles, background reports, features and product information, the mo offers experts and decision-makers in the industry practical information.

TARGET GROUP Owners, board members, managing directors and senior technical personnel such as production, manufacturing or department managers as well as those responsible for quality management in surface technology.


Since 1972, the Swiss industrial magazine maschinenbau has been informing the MEM industry with technical articles, user reports and product reports about new and further developed technologies, processes, techniques as well as the respective essential peripherals. The focus is on technical information and factual presentation of practical benefits for industrial and commercial production and operating technology. maschinenbau magazine reaches the leading decision-makers in Swiss industry as well as technical colleges in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Metaal Magazine & Recycling International

Metaal Magazine provides objective and reliable information about technical products or services that are important for metalworking and processing. Our readers, your target audience - want reliable and objective information because with this information they make decisions concerning investments. Or influence this decision. Our readers are mostly entrepreneurs. 

Metal Asia

ISR Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. is a leading publisher of industrial magazines with its far-travelled global reach. The company was commenced in 1994 in Kolkata, India.  ISR, since then, has never looked back and today, the company has successfully carved out an exclusive position for itself in the global industrial magazine publishing sector. ISR’s two monthly publications are ‘Iron & Steel Review’ and ‘Metal Asia’, while ‘Steel Metals & Minerals International’ is the company’s annual one. ‘Iron & Steel Review’ focuses everything on and related to iron and steel whereas, ‘Metal Asia’ highlights mainly on the non-ferrous metals sector.

Metal Dünyasi

Prestij Publishing, has started publication life 30 years ago with "Metal Dünyası" for metalurgy and materials industry. Later, "Kalıp Dünyası" for mould die and maching industry anc CAD/CAM/CAE for design sector has joined. Recently, PrestijWeb.Tv has started its broodcasting on digital platform.

Publishing: MetaL Dünyası, Kalıp Dünyası, CAD/CAM/CAE Dünyası, PrestijWebTv

Metal Dünyası Magazine has been publishing since 1993 every month. You can follow, metallurgy, materials, iron-steel, non ferrous metals, heat treatment, casting, welding, production process, sheet metal, tube, profile, surface treatment, quality control and raw materials market.

Kalıp Dünyası Magazine has been publishing since 2000, bimonthly. You can follow mold-die industry, tool steels, heat treatment, cutting and holding tools, CAD-CAM-CAE softwares, quality control.

CAD/CAM/CAE Dünyası is a quarterly magazine which is being published since 2005. Major topics of the maga­zine, CAD/CAM/CAE, PLM, PDM, prototyping, modelling, simulation, reverse engineering, quality control.

PrestijWebTv has started its broadcasting at 11th September 2012. With specialist staff and professional equipments, we are ready to promote your companies, products and events in HD quality. If you have videos or if you need new, please contact us. [email protected]

MTM Magazines

MTM Magazines are published by D. F. Edizioni publishing group created to meet the needs of communication and information industry, professionals and entrepreneurs.
MTM Magazines periodic staff with high quality features and technical expertise, providing proper information and constantly


Our magazines are:

MTM Machine Tool Market focused on second hand machine tools is currently being distributed free, in rotation, to a mailing list composed by over 120,000 companies operating in the metalworking field. 

MTM Tornitura, the first italian technology magazine dedicated to the universe lathe is

addressed to an important sector of the Italian mechanical engineering

MTM Subfornitura our magazine, serving business clients and subcontractors designed to create a concrete link between who seeking and who offering mechanical subcontracting

MTM Assistenza, Manutenzione, Retrofitting & Revamping is our latest product in order of appearance. It is proposed as a quick and useful interface between end user companies and those who work in the field of technical assistance


packREPORT is the magazine for packaging professionals in the packaging industry in German-speaking countries. Packaging engineers and developers as well as buyers for packaging technology and packaging materials read packREPORT. We report 10 times a year on all the processes involved in industrial packaging. packREPORT is aimed at decision-makers in the packaging industry, the retail trade and the consumer goods industry who are closely involved in the investment process. Twice a week the newsletter of packreport.de informs about current news from the packaging industry. Regularly in September, the packaging summit PACKAGING 360° for the FMCG and packaging industry takes place in Frankfurt/M. - a cooperation of packREPORT and Lebensmittel Zeitung.     

Recycling International

Recycling International is the leading provider of recycling-related information and an invaluable trade publication for the global recycling industry. The publication is extremely well targeted, reaching highly-qualified decision-makers who have control over many or all aspect of company/organisation budgets, including owners, managers and other professionals or executives and professionals with middle or higher level of technical education.

VDI nachrichten

For 100 years, VDI nachrichten has been Germany's authority publication for engineers on topics related to technology, business and society.

The “new VDI nachrichten” 2022 takes an even more digital, up-to-date and multimedia approach.

It is always in tune with innovative trends and technologies—based on exclusive research. Current daily additional articles on vdi-nachrichten.com, the weekly news Alert VDI-nachrichten digital, and every two weeks the VDI nachrichten newspaper issue keep technology decision-makers informed and offer multifaceted, attractive communication options. Reach out to Germany's

most innovative occupationals.

For more information: www.vdi-nachrichten.media/


WOMag is the trade magazine with a specialist platform for experts along the process chain from design and construction to materials processing and finishing to the final surface treatment of the product. The focus is on materials (metal, plastic, ceramics, composites) and their processing. Topics include the production, processing and properties of base materials as well as the production and properties of surfaces with regard to decorative and functional challenges. In addition to substrates, coating, for example with metals and inorganic coating materials, will be considered. Technical-scientific essays on specialist topics are offered, as well as reports on technologies in use, on companies and events. The specialist platform maintains an extensive database on companies, services and also allows searches for properties of material-surface combinations.